Doctor Vs Lawyer

A Doctor can’t find a job in any reputable hospital,so he opens a clinic near the law courts and puts a sign:”Get treatment for $20, if not cured, will give you $100.”
A lawyer thinks this is a great opportunity to earn $100 and turns up at the clinic. Lawyer:”doctor,i’ve lost my sense of taste.”
Doctor:”Nurse,please bring me medicine from box 22 and put three drops in this patient”s mouth.” Lawyer:”This is kerosene.”
Doctor:congratulations sir, your sense of taste is restored. That will be $20 thank you.

The lawyer furious, and after a few days to recover his money.
Lawyer:”i’ve lost my memory.i can’t remember anything.”
Doctor:”Nurse, please bring me the medicine from box 22 and put three drops in this patient’s mouth.”
Lawyer:”This is kerosene.You gave this to me last time.”
Doctor:”congratulations again sir.You regained your memory. That will be $20 thank you.”

The lawyer is fuming, but returns a week later determined to collect $100.
Lawyer:”My eyesight has become incredibly weak and i can hardly see anything.”
Doctor:”Sir, i don’t have any medicine for that,so please accept this $100 note.
Lawyer:”but this is $20, not $100″
Doctor:”congratulations sir, your eyesight is fully restored. That will be $20 thank you.”

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